• We guarantee the fulfillment of all orders using the «Send» service. If your orders contain errors, if they are broken, unusable, missing, delivered to our external warehouse, but not entered into the system, or your package is not found, we will refund the amount you paid and the shipping fee. When handing over parcels at branches or by courier, you must check them on the spot and inform our employees.
  • When you place an order to our overseas addresses, DelShopEX LLC is not responsible for the quality, completeness, composition, size and shape of the product sent by the company, depletion of stock, late delivery. We have a Returns service to help our customers return incorrect or invalid orders sent by the store. However, due to the current situation, flights from Azerbaijan to Turkey are temporarily impossible due to the limited number of flights. This service was provided not by cargo, but by passenger aircraft. For this reason, our service will not be activated until the flights are as intense as before.
  • Shipments received from an external warehouse are not transferred directly from the external warehouse to the store.
  • The buyer can make an order directly in the store using his card from Turkey, both with our «Referral» service, and with the help of the section «Our foreign addresses». When ordering directly from a store, the buyer must create a declaration on our website based on the package from the day the order is placed in Turkey until the day it is delivered to the overseas warehouse.
  • Customers can place orders directly from the store with their card from America, Germany and China only in the section «Our Overseas Addresses». When ordering directly from a store, the buyer must create a declaration on our website based on the packaging from the day the order is placed on the domestic cargo until the day it is delivered to the external warehouse. After confirmation of the order by the store, the order is delivered to the address indicated in the section of my addresses abroad, through a domestic freight company or postal service within the specified delivery times and is transferred to an employee of DelShopEX LLC, who is registered in the USA.
  • DelShopEX is not responsible for orders that have not been submitted to DelShopEX through a personal account, or for parcels not delivered to DelShopEX in the USA, if the order is announced.
  • To receive information about an order, a request must be made within 1 month from the date the order was approved using our «Submit» service. Subsequent requests will be invalid and will not be investigated.
  • If you order directly from a store and it is not registered in the system, the request must be made within 15 days after receiving notification from the store that your order will be delivered to an external warehouse.
  • The goods are not insured by the carrier and the carrier is not responsible for this.
  • LLC «DelShopEX» carries out orders on a rotational basis and guarantees the placement of orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, in case of any problems during the ordering process (expiration of the product, expiration of the ordered size or color, end of the campaign, problem with payment, etc.), the amount paid by the user is returned to the user’s balance. Please note that this period may be extended due to discounts.
  • No changes (change of size, color, etc.) will be made to orders with the «Paid» status when using our «Submit» service.
  • The user can use the amount uploaded to the balance to purchase other products or request a refund. In this case, the amount is returned to the user’s account within 5-7 business days.
  • When ordering, the item (s) and Turkish domestic cargo must be paid in full. In the event of non-payment, if there is a missing amount, it will be deducted from the current balance of the buyer or charged to the buyer at the time of delivery of the product (s). Delivery of goods is possible after full payment.
  • If there is a deviation of 10% of the order amount with a maximum amount of 10 manats, the order is executed by deleting the remainder without notifying the client.
  • LLC «DelShopEX» fulfills the accepted orders simultaneously and jointly. However, the goods can be sent by the seller in separate packages, and DelShopEX Ltd. is not responsible for this. Each parcel is calculated separately, depending on how many parcels the goods are delivered by the seller to an external warehouse.
  • When shopping on Turkish sites, we recommend purchasing liquid products separately from other products. When these goods are purchased in separate baskets on foreign sites, these orders are also sent to the external warehouse in separate packages. From October 20, the full weight of parcels arriving at the Turkish warehouse and containing at least one liquid product will be calculated at liquid tariffs. It should be noted that under the terms of international transport, liquid products must be transported separately from other products.
  • When ordering through our Submit service, liquid and regular products are approved by our staff in separate baskets.
  • When the ordered parcel arrives at the carrier’s warehouses, the buyer will be notified by email, sms and app notification. The customer can pick up the package at our office or deliver it to the address, paying an additional service fee.
  • Free storage of your parcels in a local warehouse for 15 days. An additional 0.50 manat will be charged for each day for 16-30 days, and an additional 1 manat will be charged for each day for 31-45 days. The decision that the goods remain in the local warehouse for more than 45 days is made by DelShopEX LLC.
  • Since February 10, 2020, the process of returning goods arriving at the American warehouse through Starex.az to retailers has been suspended. Prohibited products (perfume, mist, lotion, other products containing flammable substances, etc.) entering the American warehouse will be destroyed after being stored for 2 months. For this reason, it is not recommended to order this type of product from America.
  • If a parcel received in an external warehouse contains a parcel that the customer has not previously declared, and the price, type and store name of the product in this package cannot be determined in the external warehouse, the status of this parcel is changed to Incomplete Declaration. The client can view the parcel and correct the information by entering the «Incomplete declaration» status in the personal account. The package will be prepared for shipment only after the customer enters all the data in the declaration. Until the buyer enters this information in the declaration, it will be impossible to send the parcel at the request of the customs authorities.
  • The shipping fee for products over 1 meter in length from Turkey is calculated as + $ 5 by weight.
  • If parcels from the USA and China are longer than 1 meter, the shipping cost is calculated based on the volumetric weight. Calculation procedure: width * length * height / 6000
    Parcels longer than 120 cm on one side are charged in addition to volume and weight in the amount of USD 50.
  • Received parcels must be checked in our office next to the courier if the courier has been delivered. In the event of product damage, our staff or courier must be notified on site. Otherwise, the carrier is not responsible for any subsequent defects.
  • If the perishable goods are packed by the store in accordance with the shipping standards, if the package has a label that says «perishable» and if there is any damage to the package, the amount paid by the buyer will be reimbursed by our Company. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect such products on site during delivery at our office and report any damage to our staff.
  • Liquids and articles containing batteries and magnets are transported once a week.


  • We guarantee the accuracy of all orders placed using our Submit service from March 1st.
  • We check your orders on the spot when you receive them. If they were delivered to our overseas warehouse, but were not entered into the system or your package was not found, we will refund the amount paid and the shipping cost.
  • When you receive a parcel in our courier service, you check it with the courier, if you do not have an order, the courier will arrive at the place and notify the appropriate department. After sending the parcel to the courier, if your order has a problem (error, breakdown, unusability), you report the problem by creating a request. Your application will be processed as soon as possible, and after confirmation, payment for the item and shipping costs will be refunded.
  • At your request, the parcel must be sent to the branch where you received it within 2 working days.


  • Please note that if the order value is up to USD 300 within 1 (one) calendar month, it is not subject to customs duties. However, if the customs authorities are notified that it has a commercial purpose or exceeds US $ 300, a fee will be charged in the amount specified in the customs nomenclature in accordance with the law. Please note that the maximum commission is 36%. Please note that when calculating the limit for the current month, both the amount of your orders and the amount of delivery are taken into account. Other packing costs: fee for simplified declaration of 5 manats, entrance fee to the warehouse 15 manats, 1 euro for each day the parcel remains in stock for more than 48 hours.
    1. If the total value of orders exceeds $ 300 in 1 calendar month,
    2. If the goods you ordered are determined by the customs authorities for commercial purposes,
    3. If the goods are prohibited from entry into the country, your order may be held by customs.
  • The client can bring any number of parcels if they do not exceed the limit. It should be noted that when ordering more than 2 similar goods per month, customs may detain them to determine if they are put up for sale. If the sale is for a specific purpose, a commission will be charged.
  • Only the owner of the parcel can transfer the parcel left by the customs authorities. To receive the parcel, the client first goes to our office, pays the shipping cost for the parcel (s) and receives a receipt and a barcode. Then, on the basis of these documents, he can apply to the General Customs Directorate of Air Transport to receive and issue detailed information about the parcel (s) and transfer it, paying the storage costs at the Baku cargo terminal.
  • The monthly limit is calculated based on the date the parcel was registered in the customs system, not the date of the order.

Prohibited Items:

Goods prohibited to be imported into the Republic of Azerbaijan by individuals and received by international mail, types of firearms with a rifled head, ammunition (except for ammunition for hunting weapons), all military items, explosives and military equipment.
— Liquid products — it is forbidden to import liquid products from Germany and China.
Import from America is possible if the product does not contain alcohol or flammable substances. (perfumes, sprays, lotions, aerosols, dry shampoos, dyes, etc. are not imported) It is possible to import liquid products from Turkey.
— Phones, power banks, tablets
— Clock with cameras and voice recorders
— All types of alcoholic beverages, beer and tobacco products
— Explosive, flammable and other hazardous substances from America, as well as radioactive substances (perfumes, sprays, lotions, fog, dry shampoos, paints, etc.)
— Medical supplies
— Hidden camera
— Batteries
— Shock absorbers
— Scooter Hover Board
— Transportation by air Prohibited items
— Radioactive substances.
— Drugs and psychotropic substances, accessories for their use.
— Materials promoting and advertising immorality, violence and terrorism.
— Materials related to the technology of preparation of narcotic, psychotropic, poisonous, explosive substances.
— Live animals
— Plants and seeds
— All types of weapons, ammunition, all types of military equipment, explosives, military equipment.
— Literature about special secret means of communication, their codes and work.
— Information systems, documents and archives of the ministries of defense, national security and internal affairs on operational search activities.
— Documents, inventions, projects of national importance.
— Precious metals and precious stones in the form of raw materials.
— Other products that do not comply with legal requirements.

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